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Protecting businesses with proven expertise

Shuker {{&}} Dorris P.A. is proud to be a leading Florida corporate insolvency law firm

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Corporate Bankruptcy

Shuker & Dorris, P.A. advises on a variety of corporate bankruptcy representing clients across all aspects of restructurings, workouts, and insolvency matters, including both transactional and litigation matters.

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Dispute Resolution {{&}} Mediation

Shuker & Dorris, P.A. attorneys have extensive experience mediating complex commercial disputes. The team's legal experience provides an objective framework to assist parties to move toward settlement.

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Commercial Litigation

Shuker & Dorris, P.A. advises a variety of clients involved in commercial disputes. The firm has the expertise one would need to protect its clients in a national or global dispute or in federal or state courts.

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Why choose us

“When it comes to complex corporate restructure, we have the experience you need.”


As one of Florida’s top corporate bankruptcy firms, the team at Shuker {{&}} Dorris P.A. has nearly 75 years of combined legal experience — and the expertise our clients can count on.

Our specialized knowledge and impressive track record has helped establish us as the Florida corporate insolvency law firm of choice for companies with assets, liabilities, or annual revenues in excess of $10 million.

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